A list of 2017 vendors


Peter Cooks Bread




Peter Cooks Bread are passionate about making bread that tastes great, is good for you and helps the local community. Every loaf that comes out of their oven is made slowly by hand, using just four natural ingredients - flour, water, yeast (mostly wild) and salt.

Surrounded by orchards of apples and pears, they also work with local producers to create a range of unique loaves dedicated to showing off the very best of the area.

You can find our bread in restaurants, pubs, cafes and delis across Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

You can also find Peter in The "Demo Den" with a bakery masterclass and demo! (See the "Masterclass" Tab for more info!)


Website - www.petercooksbread.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/petercooksbread

Email Contact - peter@petercooksbread.co.uk

The Chase Distillery


Chase is the worlds original Single-Estate distillery. They grow their own raw materials, then hand make and hand bottle all of their spirits on their family­ owned farm in Herefordshire.

"As you can imagine, this takes time and effort. But quality doesn’t happen by chance. Our vodka has won awards for being the best tasting in the world – and it’s this quality spirit that we redistill with carefully chosen wild botanicals to make our unique range of gins."

Website - www.chasedistillery.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/chasevodkaUK

Email Contact - single-estate@williamschase.co.uk

Risbury Rapseed Oil



Inside the Farmers Market we also have Risbury Rapeseed Oil who are another very local company based in Ribsury in Herefordshire. 

Sample and Buy their delicious oils ideal for roasting, frying, baking, dressings and marinades (And much better for you than most other oils!!) 


Website - www.risburyrapeseedoil.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/RisburyRapeseedOil

Email Contact - info@risburyrapeseedoil.co.uk

Laura's Products



Laura will be there serving up her homemade cakes, cupcakes, desserts, jam, preserves and also supplying soft drinks!


All locally produced!  


Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/Lauras164/

Email Contact - 07837 287606

Miss Daisy's Kitchen



Miss Daisy's Kitchen are focused on providing Artisan jams and chutneys with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & do everything they can to meet your expectations.


Throughout the weekend they will be showcasing Artisan jams, marmalade, chutneys, pickles and curds.


Website - www.missdaisyskitchen.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/daisybookitchen

Email Contact - Daisybookitchen@gmail.com

The Caking Sisters



Sister Duo Melissa and Olivia Rees are the faces behind The Caking Sisters! 

You'll find them in the farmers market decorating and selling cupcakes and other tasty treats! 

Website - 

Facebook URL - 

Email Contact - Caking.sisters@hotmail.com

Shirley Homemade


Raw Chocolate



Exquisitely made Raw Chocolate which is not only good for you but tastes incredible! 

Shirley hand makes all flavours from Goji Berry to Marshmallow!

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/Shirleys-Homemade-Raw-Chocolate

Email Contact - shirley.kennedy@sky.com

Emily's Jams and Pickles




Emily's Award Winning preserves will be in The Farmer's Market and she will be selling - Homemade jams, marmalades, chutneys, mustards, olive oils, dressings, vinegars, flavoured sea salt and honey! 

Website - www.emilysjams.co.uk

Email Contact - em.jam@sky.com

Bighorn Biltong



Welcome to Guilt Free - Healthy Snacking ! 


Big Horn Biltong artisan produce Low Fat, High Protein, Gluten Free, Free Range - Grass Fed British Biltong.

With almost 50% Protein, only 0.98g of Saturated Fat. 0.74g of Sodium and only 92 calories per pack.

The Biltong is Gluten Free, Monosodium Glutamate Free (NO MSG's) and free from those nasty 'E' numbers and artificial preservatives.

This really is Guilt Free, Healthy Snacking at its best! Find them inside the Famer's Market!

Website - www.bighornbiltong.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/bighornbiltong

Email Contact - carole@bighornbiltong.co.uk

La Fleur De Chocolat



"Jacqueline Keenan began her career at Herefordshire College of Technology then moved to Gloscat in Cheltenham.

She spent 17 years as a pastry chef in fine dining and Michelin starred restaurants including 7 1/2 years as a head pastry chef at Michelin starred restaurant Simpsons in Birmingham.

In that time, Jacqueline attended a chocolate course at the Valrhona school in France, and a contemporary dessert art course in Munich Germany. 

Jacqueline's ambition throughout her career was to open her own Patisserie and Chocolate shop bringing a British twist to French classics.

In June 2014 the dream became a reality Jacqueline opened La Fleur de Chocolat selling online, wholesale and at food festivals.

In a few years Jacqueline plans to expand her business and open a patisserie and chocolate shop."

Website - www.lafleurdechocolat.co.uk

Facebook URL - Facebook.com/lafleurdechocolat

Email Contact - info@lafleurdechocolat.co.uk

The Cooking Cooks



"We're an innovative catering company with love for fantastic food & good times.


We create delicious modern Italian food, always using the freshest ingredients from local and sustainable producers.


Our unique partnership means we deliver a memorable experience, whatever your occasion."

The Cooking Cooks will be serving up some of their fabulous pasta dishes over the weekend!

Website - www.thecookingcooks.com

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/TheCookingCooks

Email Contact  - cookingcooks@mail.com

The National Trust



The National Trust will be joining us to talk about National Trust membership, and selling national trust cookery books, food products and picnic rugs.

Website - www.nationaltrust.org.uk

Tigg's Dressings



"Finding a Perfect Match in life can be a tricky and messy affair, but when it comes to food, Tigg’s has it covered!

Based on recipes handed down by their ex Miss New Zealand Grandmother – Granny Tigg, and refined at food festivals up and down the country; Jacob & Sam aka The Executive Grandsons, present a range of all-purpose dressings, relishes, sauces, marinades or dips that could be either your Perfect Match or your foods!

These low-calorie alternatives are gluten, dairy and nut free and will bring a smile to anyone’s face with their unique “lonely-heart” style branding (each product’s individual attempt at persuading you to “date” them). If fun, easy on the eye and mind blowing in a bed (of greens) tick your boxes, then maybe… just maybe, you have found YOUR Perfect Match!! 



Website - www.tiggitup.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/tiggitup

Email Contact -jacob@tiggitup.co.uk

The Handmade Scotch Egg





"With over 40 tantalising Scotch egg recipes including vegetarian options we have now allowed our imaginations free-range with this our shop window on the world, with our ongoing campaign to reinstate the humble scotch egg as Britain’s favourite snack continuing at a rate of knots... Hurrah!"

Website - www.handmadescotcheggs.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/handmadescotcheggs

Email Contact - info@handmadescotcheggs.co.uk

Lotties Vegan Bakery



An amazing selection of Vegan Cookies and Cakes! 

Website - www.lottiesveganbakery.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/LottiesVeganBakery

Email Contact - lottie@lottiesveganbakery.co.uk

Alex Gooch Artisan Baker 





"Nourishing bread made slowly with understanding and love. Handcrafted breads made the traditional way.Using wild yeast,organic flour and long fermentations creates sustaining,flavoursome breads with great personality."

Welcome to The Hereford Food Festival Alex! 


Website - www.alexgoochbaker.com

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/Alex-Gooch-artisan-baker

Email Contact - alexgooch1@hotmail.co.uk

DeliciaTeas and Cakes


Delicia Cakes & Teas is a local business providing wedding cakes, birthday cakes etc and speciality loose leaf teas. We also provide wholesale


Website Address - deliciacakesandteas.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/pg/deliciacakesandteas

Email Contact - email@deliciateas.co.uk

Fire Foods


A hot chilli sauce company, bringing you hot food with flavour. Everything we make is by hand, we make products you can't buy in the shops. 

Website - www.firefoods.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/FireFood

Email Contact - sales@firefoods.co.uk

The Sunday Girl Company


The SundayGirl Company is a creative, award winning design brand who take an innovative approach to breathing new life into the glamour of yesteryear with their beautiful SundayGirl Pinnies for Pin ups and Little Misses.  

Based on original mid-century apron styling, the striking fabric designs are screen printed on durable hard wearing cotton drill for glamorous aprons that are made to last. 

Inspired by all things feminine, wonderfully vibrant and engagingly kitsch, SundayGirl aprons are a recipe to bake well in any kitchen.

Website - www.thesundaygirlcompany.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/sundaygirlcompany

Email Contact - gaena@thesundaygirlcompany.co.uk

Willy Chase's



Willy Chase’s - create good-for-you products freshly produced on their Single-Estate Farm in Herefordshire. Using locally sourced ingredients with real pedigree to formulate a fantastic array of goodies that are healthy and delicious. Each satisfying many health benefits and ‘free from’ accolades.

Showcasing their famous "FitCorn" and "Apple Cider Vinegar" you'll find them in the Farmers Market! 

Website - www.willychases.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/willychases

Email Contact - willy@willychases.co.uk

Newton Court Cider 







Newton Court Ciders,  are made from fresh apples grown on site in Hereford.


Newton Court Cider is part of a working farm on 15 acres of cider fruit and 6 acres of perry pears. The produce of Newton Court Cidery has won many awards since it's beginning in 2000.


They will be selling bottles of Cider and Perry for you to drink on site or take away on the day! 

Website - www.newtoncourtcider.com

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/newtonscider

Email Contact - moira.newtonscider@gmail.com

Rayeesa's Indian Kitchen Ltd.




Rayeesa is well known in her local town of Hereford for producing home made, exquisite curry sauces! 

You'll be able to find her in the Farmers Market - selling her Curry Sauces - you can then take a taste of India home with you! 


Website - www.facebook.com/rayeesasindiankitchen

Email Contact - rayeesa@rayeesasindiankitchen.com

Daisy Graze



Daisy Graze is a small individually run business which provides bespoke edible cake toppers.

She has recently expanded and will supplying home made Jam, Fruit Vinegar and Chocolate Fudge! 


Website - www.daisygraze.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/daisygrazecaketoppers

Email Contact - enquiries@daisygraze.co.uk

My Cocoa



MyCocoa is all about luxurious chocolate that looks beautiful and tastes divine.


Trained at Chocoywochydodah in Brighton, Ray loves experimenting and creating new and exciting flavours, so if you are after an amazing taste sensation, these are the chocolates for you.


Website - www.mycocoa.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/Mycocoa-158054200915535/

Email Contact - chocs@mycocoa.co.uk

Swifts Bakery





"Swifts Bakery is a fifth generation family business with 150 years history in the Midlands. We have always had a passion for creating new ideas for bread, both for wholesale and over-the-counter to customers in our four shops. Our aim is to help people enjoy real bread and to support the artisan trade to which we proudly belong.

No artificial colourings, flavourings, additives or preservatives are used in our production. The delicious flavours in our bread and cakes are created by the flour and natural ingredients, careful blending and fermentation, and our traditional baking process."

Website - www.swifts-bakery.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/swiftsbakery

Email Contact - swift.jayne@gmail.com

Fuffle from Fudge Heaven



"Secret recipes created by me, Gary Davis, combining the textures of fudge and truffle - tasting them is a delightful, delicious, wonderful sin. No wonder I'm known as the Little Devil!


Whether you want barsslabscakesfavours or gift boxes, there are plenty of wonderful choices for you here - liqueur flavours including Amaretto, Baileys, Jack Daniels, Tia Maria, Coconut Rum - traditional flavours like vanilla, coffee and mint - and many, many more...
Go on, give in to temptation!

Everything I make is suitable for vegetarians."

Website - www.fudgeheaven.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/Fuffles


The Tipsy Tart



THE TIPSY TART - is all about fun and laughter and sharing her fabulously fruity, funky and fun unique and award winning liqueurs and cocktails with you all so that you too can enjoy a festival of taste sensations and make every hour your happy hour.

You will find Elizabeth inside the Farmer's Market as well as outside in the external area with her "Pimp My Prossecco Bar!"


Website - www.thetipsytart.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/pg/lizthetipsytart

Email Contact - elizabeth@thetipsytart.co.uk

Myrtle's Kitchen



"At Myrtle's Kitchen we create a bespoke range of preserves that "Dare to be Different".  Challenging your taste buds with our chutneys  & jam.  

Headed by Jane, we are a small team who  love to feed people!  We cook and experiment, dreaming up new recipes and revisiting old favourites  but always using the finest ingredients.

We produce a range of award winning preserves and step in and help local cafes and restaurants!"

Website - www.myrtleskitchen.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/myrtleskitchen.co.uk

Email Contact - food@myrtleskitchen.co.uk

Fat Man Chilli



"We have one simple aim: to make great chilli sauces that are suitable for those starting out on the chilli trail to the hardened chilli-head!


Ensuring that quality ingredients go into each and every one of our sauces we are committed to making the best sauce the world has ever seen. ​"

Website - www.fatmanchilli.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/Fat-Man-Chilli

Email Contact - fatmanchilli@btinternet.com

Croome Cuisine



"Croome Cuisine are a small family business based on the outskirts of Worcester passionate about creating cheeses and relishes that reflect the iconic flavours of our region. We source local ingredients (where we can) introducing a wide range of flavours to cheese and smoking traditionally over Oak logs.

Our relishes are created to compliment our cheeses, keeping with the company ethos of using local ingredients (where possible), to make them a match made in heaven!"

Website - www.croomecuisine.com

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/CroomeCuisine

Email Contact - info@croomecuisine.com

The Broadmeadow Kitchen



Kate and her team, based in Hay on Wye in Herefordshire, will be selling Cakes, Doughnuts, Cupcakes and Cookies in The Farmer's Market! 

Definitely one for those of us with a sweet tooth! 

Website - Www.thebroadmeadowkitchen.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/thebroadmeadowkitchen

Email Contact - thebroadmeadowkitchen@gmail.com

Clam's Handmade Cakes



"Clam’s coffee house was established in 1981, in the market town of Abergavenny, South Wales. We very quickly became popular for our home made cakes.  We started to supply a large Department Store in Cardiff where orders steadily grew.

We won it’s first Great Taste Award in 1987 for our Sticky Almond Cake.

All London food establishments wanted to order Clam’s cake for their coffee shops.  In 1991 Clam’s Hand Made Cakes was established in Station Enterprises where volumes of orders kept coming in. We went on to win lots more Great Taste Awards and a True Taste Award for Best Baker and Confectioner for Whisky Fruit Cake.

We are a small dedicated team making hand made cakes for discerning customers.  We have stayed true to our origins, cracking real eggs, using real ingredients, baked by individual people, and all our cakes are hand decorated.

Clam’s has a passion for making cakes for discerning customers.

We still use the same gas oven from Clam’s Coffee house in 1981, its great for boiling caramel!"

Website - www.clamscakes.co.uk

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/Clamscakes

Email Contact - lewis@clamscakes.co.uk

Bim's Kitchen



"Bim’s Kitchen makes a delicious and innovative range of hand-made African-inspired sauces and condiments

We are a small family business and all our products are made to our own original recipes

All our products are made in small batches and use exotic ingredients native to or commonly used in Africa like baobab fruit, coconut, alligator pepper, cubeb pepper, peanuts, cashew nuts, hibiscus flowers, birdseye chillies and tamarind. These are turned into very tasty, versatile and easy to use products like curries, hot sauces, marinades and condiments.

With the exception of our Spicy African BBQ Sauce and African Baobab & Peanut Butter which contain honey all our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. All have no or less than 5ppm gluten and are thus suitable for a gluten free diet."

Website - www.bimskitchen.com

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/bimskitchen

Email Contact - sales@bimskitchen.com

Churros Cafe






Email Contact - dh004i9474@blueyonder.co.uk

Season Cordials


Quality Cordials made with fresh fruit. No artificial flavourings, colourants or additives. Produced in small batches to retain a consistent flavour

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/seasoncordials

Email Contact - seasoncordials@gmail.com

Jaccs Gourmet Coffee


Finest Arabica coffee beans freshly ground and delivered to your door.

Website - www.jaccscoffee.co.uk 

Facebook URL - www.facebook/jaccscoffee

Email Contact - andrew.clatworthy@ntlworld.com

Joules Gourmet 


Joles Gourmet are event caterers that are able to cater for any event, festival, market, you name it!

We have just had our first birthday and have been a part of over 60 events in 2015, with 2016 already booked until December, including a large majority of the United Kingdoms largest Food & Drink Festivals.

2016 will see the Joles Gourmet team introduce Casa Joles. A new twist on fresh Mexican street food. With Food & Drink festivals already booked for 2016, it's looking like a promising start for Joles Gourmet & Casa Joles.

Facebook URL - www.facebook.com/jolesgourmet

Email Contact -jolesgourmet@gmail.com

French Flavour


Based in North Wales we specialise in French and UK artisan food products. 

We sell to the public via our Website, Amazon and Ebay. We offer delivery across the UK and Europe and telephone orders via the number on the page.

We sell both personal gift hampers and corporate hampers which can be branded with your company logo. We have just launched our cheese and wine monthly subscription box - 'Box Delicious'.

We also sell Saucisson, cider, duck confit, pate, marinades & sauces and supply a large number of Farm shops and Deli's.

Website - www.frenchflavour.co.uk

Facebook URL - https://www.facebook.com/FrenchFlavour1/

Email Contact - info@frenchflavour.co.uk